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Our Vision.

Cameron Charles luxury leather


At Cameron Charles, our vision was born of the desire to create fashion that uses traditional tailoring techniques on clothing otherwise considered informal.

Our design signature combines the silhouette of Savile Row with the deconstructed finish found in Neapolitan tailoring. This approach to luxury fashion is the common thread that runs through everything we do, from our unlined cropped summer jackets, to our shearling coats.

Head of Design Kishore was inspired by his mum’s talent for embroidery, and later on, his dad’s collection of bespoke suits, made for him by a master tailor.

Following a corporate career in London and LA, he could ignore his higher calling no longer, and in the early part of the millennium began training with a London bespoke tailor, as well as attending masterclasses at Savile Row tailors Henry Poole and Dege & Skinner.

Kishore is a self taught leather tailor, and has spent years honing the production techniques that give Cameron Charles clothes their distinctive, unique style.

Fellow founder Daniel originally comes from a background in the music industry, and it’s probably for this reason that he loves fashion that challenges the mainstream, just as the best musicians have always done.

This is the spirit of Cameron Charles.