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Q - What makes Cameron Charles different from other fashion brands?

Cameron Charles combines English and continental tailoring. 

The patterns used by Cameron Charles to produce our range of luxury leather jackets reflect the English Tradition, whilst the structure of the jackets draws on the Neapolitan tailoring tradition with its emphasis on deconstruction.

Cameron Charles couldn’t exist as it does without European craftsmanship, and we have chosen to work with the very best suppliers.

Q - What does the Cameron Charles brand mean?

At Cameron Charles, we believe in great fit, sartorial elegance, a maverick spirit, tradition and roots and the very highest standards of materials and craftsmanship.

Q - How did the idea for Cameron Charles come about?

The Cameron Charles brand was born of the desire to create fashion that transposes high quality tailoring onto clothing that is considered casual.  

Q - What should a Cameron Charles customer expect from their purchase?

A Cameron Charles customer can only ever expect the very finest design and craftsmanship, in combination with only the very best materials, be they weave or hide.

Q - What is the full range of options for the bespoke range?

For a bespoke jacket, the customer can choose their preference from any of the following options: Length, colour style, pocket detail, lapel detail, zip style, colour, lined or unlined, choice of tartan.

Q - Cameron Charles products are made in Europe. Can they really be British, if so so how?

Cameron Charles was conceived in London.

We make our jackets in Europe because that is where we have found the skills in leather clothing manufacture that meet our ambitions and standards for the brand.

Cameron Charles clothes are British because they follow traditional British patterns and are cut in a traditional British way.

Q - Are Cameron Charles jackets handmade?

All of our patterns are cut by hand.

For a Savile Row suit, all of the stitching that is visible must be by sewn by hand. Even the most skilled tailors will not produce hand stitching that is absolutely even. When this is seen on wool suits, the effect is charming. On leather, any uneven stitches do not convey the same charm.  For this reason our jackets are machine stitched.

Q - How long will a Cameron Charles jacket last?  Is there a guarantee?

Whilst we can’t provide a lifetime guarantee for our jackets, as every customer will wear and treat their jacket differently, we are confident that if taken care of our jackets will last for a lifetime. Please see the leather care section for more information about how to take best care of your jacket so that you can enjoy it for decades to come.

Q - Are Cameron Charles leather jackets intended for everyday wear?


Q - Are you able to tell me more about the materials that have been used for the jackets?

The leather that we select to be used in our jackets is of the very finest quality and has been chosen to drape elegantly.

The tartan that we source is 100% wool and we buy directly from the finest mills in Scotland.

The gun metal zips that we use on our jackets are quite simply the very best available.

Q - Why did you start Cameron Charles?

We have always wanted the freedom to make our own clothes, the type that we ourselves would like to wear, and to have the ability to influence the way that other people dress as well.

Q - What tailoring experience does the Cameron Charles team have?  

Cameron Charles’ Head of Design and Production has attended master classes at Savile Row, and undertaken three years of internships with bespoke tailors in London. 

Q - Why is this experience important?

This experience has not only been invaluable to our design process, but also in directing us to the best production environments. 

Q - What are the standout features of the Summer collection?

The 2016 Summer Collection is a collection of fitter, cropped leather jackets that are just as suitable for evening wear, whether for dinner, drinks in a bar or in a club or for a lazy Sunday afternoon by the river.  Whether you choose the lined or unlined option, every jacket feature a high quality finish and that is comfortable and cool (in every sense of the word) to wear.

Q - What can Cameron Charles customers expect from the Winter Collection?

For Winter 2016, Cameron Charles fans should ready themselves for a range of jackets and coats of stylish urban elegance, that will feature sharp silhouettes and will also be highly practical for the cold and unpredictable British (or New York, Moscow and Berlin) Winter.