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At Cameron Charles, our roots lie in traditional tailoring.
Cameron Charles bespoke
A bespoke Cameron Charles luxury leather jacket is a singular garment that will flatter as well as complement the personality of the wearer. 
With a bespoke jacket you choose the length, colour, style and lapel and pocket detail.
Do you have a family or favourite tartan? You can include your own choice of tartan detailing at no extra charge.
How it works
In response to your enquiry for a bespoke leather or shearling jacket we will first consult with you to understand your design preferences. This can be by telephone, email or if practical, by meeting in person. 
Once we understand your requirements, Cameron Charles' network of affiliate tailors around the UK can take your measurements on our behalf, if these cannot be taken in person by us. 
Our expert pattern cutters will take your measurements, and from these produce a hand made pattern. We then produce a toile in accordance with your specifications and chosen style.
We include up to two trial fittings within the cost,  and only once you are fully satisfied with the fit, will we produce your jacket. 
Our bespoke range of jackets starts at £1,000.
For any special bespoke enquiries, please contact us at to discuss your requirements.