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Cameron Charles and the London School of Barbering

Cameron Charles Hair Leather London School of Barbering Luxury

What does a captivating haircut provide?

Confidence, swagger, an expression of a culture, attitude perhaps.

Hairdressing is as much an art as it is a craft.

The London School of Barbering imparts to its students the craft, whilst helping them develop their own style. They combine traditional barbering with modern male hairdressing, and from the branches in Covent Garden and Farringdon, the training is one on one and replicates the authentic barbershop environment.

With over a thousand haircuts given each week, and the emphasis on treating the models as clients, students quickly learn the skills that enable them to obtain jobs anywhere from Norway to Australia, or even set up their own businesses.

The Educators at London School of Barbering are experienced, passionate and on trend, and bring students up to date with contemporary fashion and techniques.

Rachel Witter manages the brand and arranges collaborations with unique London labels, the focus being on hair and fashion. Mirroring their own character, the traits they look for in a brand are craftsmanship and creativity.

Our Page jacket combined with a styled quiff

Cameron Charles luxury leather jackets

The blue frock coat worn by Gabo is a piece that may be worn casually or formally, and his sharp soul-boy hairstyle embodies the jacket’s polish.

Our Country Squire jacket with voluminous hair

Cameron Charles luxury leather jackets


The quilted jacket worn by Sean is all about texture and craft, and his rich hairstyle brings a vibrancy that complements the jacket’s pattern perfectly.

Hair Stylist: Henry Stevens

Photographer: Kathryn Younger

Fashion Stylist: Rachel Witter

Fashion Stylist’s Assistant: Nailah Rowe

Leather Jackets: Cameron Charles

Models: Sean Prakash and Gabo Lefelman

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