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Casual clothing evolves

Cameron Charles Leather Luxury

The marriage between comfort and elegance is of timeless relevance in men’s fashion.

What has changed over the last 5 years is that these qualities are now applied creatively by designers to clothing that would normally be considered casual.

Dressing smartly used to require the uniform of a suit, and “smart casual” often just meant an anodyne polo shirt and chinos combination.

Today’s top designers’ interpretations of jogging pants make up some of the more elaborate, opulent clothing to be found in menswear. Is there a message to take from this?

Dressing casually can mean dressing up!

For many, the concept of globalisation in recent years has come to represent  an insatiable corporate juggernaut, yet in the world of fashion globalisation has meant an increase in, rather than a dilution of, diversity.

The opportunity to express one’s individuality through clothes as diverse as frock coats and kilts, bomber jackets and sarongs has never been greater, and whilst a carefully selected suit will always have its place as a statement piece, it is now just one part of a well selected wardrobe.

Barbour jackets worn with Jermyn Street shirts and a cravat, a slick, cropped luxury leather jacket to complement a crisp shirt and tie combination: These modern choices reflect a changing aesthetic that is respectful of, but not subservient to tradition.


The Cameron Charles Range 

At Cameron Charles we apply the highest standards of tailoring to clothing typically considered casual.

We firmly believe that a tailored luxury jacket, displaying an elegant fit, when combined with smart jeans trousers is just as fetching an outfit as something more traditionally formal. The silhouette and cut of our jackets reflects the British tailoring tradition.

An established customer who recently bought our Country Squire jacket was excited at how  ‘glam’ it looked.

We use the finest quality leather, often Nappa lamb which is chosen for its softness.

Our effortless luxury leather jackets work well with shirts, t-shirts and the classic shirt and tie combination, and our collection addresses the importance of combining style and comfort in the modern world.

A number of our jacket styles feature tartan facing, and we have also designed and registered our own Cameron Charles tartan, made from finest worsted yarn,  which combine elements of maroon, black and blue, giving it a distinctive yet warm feel.

We produce a range of unlined jackets the lightness of which creates its own discrete aesthetic, which works beautifully in a warm climate.

Great expertise is required to produce high quality unlined luxury leather jackets as the underside of the leather must be treated to create a consistent finish.

The stitching is visible and therefore must display a near flawless appearance.

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